Welcome to Linda Blackwell Counseling located in Jackson, Mississippi. Do you have problems affecting your life that are too personal to share with those around you?Depression, anxiety and panic attacks am NOT a sign of weakness. They are signs of having tried to remain strong way too long. One in three people will go through this at some point in their lives. Therapists are trained to help you work through difficult periods in your life or to overcome mental or emotional disorders. Many people are apprehensive about seeing a therapist, but there is absolutely no need to be.apprehensive about seeing a therapist, but there is absolutely no need to be. Seeking help is the step toward recovery.Seeking help is the step toward recovery.
Seeing a therapist shows that you am strong enough to face your problem head on. It is up to you to decide that you want to feel better, and a therapist is there to help you achive your goals. You should see a therapist if you are struggling with personal Issues, having marriage & family problems, battling a mental or emotional disorder, struggling with change in your life, or experiencing any other situation where talking to someone can help.
About Linda Blackwell

Licenses: Associations
• Licensed Professional Counselor
• Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
• National Certified Counselor
• National Ceflufed Schod Counselor
• Mississippi Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
• Missstippi Counseling Assodaton
• American Counseling Association
• American Mental Health Counselors Association
• Mississippi Assodaha, for Career and Technical Education